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 I was notified about this superb book "Special Duties". This book was a Limited Edition published in Australia. The book gives a superb account of life in 624 Squadron at Blida, and also about a short period with 148 Squadron at Brindisi. The book was compiled from the diaries of Hector Nichols (Navigator) by his son Graham.

The full crew pictured on the front of the book consisted of, from left to right: Hector, Tony Mansfield (Flt/Engineer), Charles Dawson (Despatcher), Reg Eisenhauer (Pilot), Keith Dare (Bomb Aimer), Jack Fletcher (Rear Gunner) and Bryan Ridings (Wireless Operator).

I have managed to obtain a copy, however, on speaking with Graham and the Publishers it seems there are only a few copies left. As the book has never actually been on sale outside Australia, it may well be that if there was enough interest consideration could be made for a further run.